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Please send your personal details, including resume attached your mug shot, copy of ID card, diploma, expertise certificates, application position, location preference, salary expectation, contact information, etc., to us by the following ways:

Mailing address: 14/F, Olympic Building, Shangbao Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, P.R.China

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All the application materials will be kept confidentially and will not be returned.

Published:2014-07-2Securities Affairs Representative

Job description:
1,To assist the Board Secretary in information disclosure, supervising the company’s securities affairs and investor relation management.
2,To assist the Board Secretary in the preparation of board meetings, shareholders’ meetings, supervisory board meetings and meetings of special committees, recording/collecting/filing related meeting documents & materials.
3,To assist the Board Secretary in the information collection and collation of major issues, such as corporate investment, acquisition, reorganization, etc.
4,To assist the Board Secretary in coordinating the work of intermediaries, to ensure related work to be proceeded as planned.
5,To assist the Board Secretary in the management of investor relation, perfecting the relationship with investors and news media, investors’ visit reception, etc.
6,To be sensitive to related information about news media, internet, listed companies, clients and peers; collect and collate the information.
1,Major in law, finance, accounting, economic management or related majors with bachelor degree or above.
2,2 Years plus working experience about securities affairs in listed companies;Applicants with previous working experience of Securities Affairs Representative will be preferred.
3, Familiar with securities laws, administrative laws & regulations and other normative documents. Possess the professional knowledge and ability to fulfill duties.
4,Excellent skills in document processing, communication and coordination, planning and organizing, interpersonal relationship, crisis management.
5,Strict working attitude and strong sense of responsibility. Work carefully and keep business secrets.
6,Applicants with excellent English skill will be preferred.

Published:2014-07-2HR Specialist (Salary & Performance)

Job description:
1,Formulate and improve Group’s salary system and performance management system.
2,Establish systems of salary and performance.
3,Establish annual performance indicators for positions.
4,Prepare monthly spreadsheets for salary & bonus and follow up the payoff.
5,Collect and collate monthly performance indicators in accord with Group’s evaluation system.
6,Coordinate with departments to refine and optimize the key performance indicators of core positions; assist departments to set the targets of core positions.
7,According to the budget of annual salary, regularly analyze the execution of the budget and collect the comments of the salary system.
8,Revise and improve the management system of salary & performance.
9,Complete other duties required.
1,Major in HR or related majors with bachelor degree or above.
2,5 Years plus working experience about HR; familiar with expertise of HR and establishment of salary & performance management system; Enjoy the work experience of successful HR Online System.
3,Master the design and management schedule of modern enterprise management system of salary, performance & welfare.
4,Familiar with and master the national & local laws and regulations about labor; enjoy good skills of practical operation.
5,Strict working attitude and strong sense of responsibility. Work carefully and dedicated to duties.
6,Excellent skills in communication & coordination and logical thinking; sensitive to data.
7,Excellent skills in word processing and expression
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