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Mintaian Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjusters Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter shortened as “Mintaian Group”), formerly Shenzhen Mintaian Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjusters Co., Ltd. approved by Shenzhen Special Zone Branch of People's Bank of China in January of 1994 as the first professional insurance surveyors & loss adjusters company in China, is the first insurance intermediary group in China approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) in May, 2012. After the development of 20 years, Mintaian Group now is providing the complete service chains for insurance and risk management as an insurance intermediary group, with the core service of risk management and others including insurance survey & loss adjustment, insurance broker, forensic appraisal, motor services, health management, IT, etc.
   Mintaian Group owns 7 subsidiaries, that are Mintaian Insurance Surveyors & Loss Adjusters Co., Ltd., Qianhai Mintaian Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd., Risk Management Institute, Mintaian IT Co., Ltd., Mintaian Health Management Co., Ltd., Mintaian Motor Services Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Minxinhecheng Judicial Expertise Center, with an extensive service networks of around 3000 management & technology professionals throughout 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities all over China, who has initially formed a financial intermediary service system of interconnecting upstream-downstream, supportive internal industry chains, extensive service networks and diversified service products with the core service of risk management and basic services for insurers.
   Mintaian Group is dedicated to promote the core competence for financial intermediaries in diversified segments of the market, to develop into a financial intermediary group leading in domestic market and being well-known all over the world with professionalization, informatization and internationalization, to form a public platform of insurance after-sales service and to become a service provider of risk management. With the corporate mission of “Satisfying Customers, Employee Well-being, Rewarding Shareholders and Harmonizing Society”, the corporate philosophy of “Professional, Innovational and Sharing” and the supportive new technologies such as Internet +, Mintaian Group is dedicated to provide our clients with all-round and tailor-made financial products and services.


Public Security Bureau for the record: Beijing public security by No. 110401500039