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Making insurance survey industry stronger to perfect the insurance industry chain


Insurance assessment as an independent third party, play an increasingly important "referee" role in the insurance market. Chinese insurance adjuster industry from scratch, from small to large have gone through 14 years of development, in the critical period of China's economic and social transformation, opportunities and challenges brought about by deepening reform the insurance industry. China Assessors will also further insurance and every corner of society, to assume more social responsibility.

In recent years, with the development of the insurance market and improvement of insurance assessment of the status and role reflect more and more, and gradually become an important integral part of the insurance market. Recently, the Insurance Association of China and the People's Government of Shenzhen Financial Development Services Office jointly organized a "new technology, new businesses, new areas - insurance adjuster facing the opportunities and challenges" as the theme of the 2014 Summit of international insurance assessment, regulatory parties institutions, government agencies, insurance companies, insurance brokers and insurance assessment companies and industry experts gathered for the public and the industry standard management assessment, bigger and stronger suggestions.

Accelerate the development of public sector innovation estimates

With the development of economy and society, science and technology, services insurance assessment continues to extend and expand. Actively participate in social management and risk management, the courage to explore agricultural insurance, catastrophe insurance, health insurance, pension insurance and other areas of public assessment services, the successful realization of the public service in the forensic assessment, the city public security and social insurance field a major breakthrough. China's insurance industry to deepen the reform process towards a comprehensive, new areas of opportunities and challenges, new technologies, new models brought to accelerate the innovation and development of the insurance adjuster industry, the pace of transformation and upgrading.

Data show that as of the end of 2013, China had 320 insurance assessment agency, employing nearly 50,000 people. 2013, Gusun amount of 32.96 billion, operating income 1.94 billion yuan. Shenzhen is the largest public gathering assessment agency headquarters. Shenzhen good economic, social and policy environment, pilot innovative spirit, gave birth to the people PETN, Pan, Chi Cinda, Chun Tong, Fidelity joint, Jimmy Fallon Island, a large number of outstanding public assessment enterprises, strong led to the rapid development of China's public assessment industry.

Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal Committee Chen Yingchun made​​, Shenzhen insurance assessment industry should by actively participating in the construction of Insurance Innovation Development Experimental Zone, through continuous innovation, enhance the ability to serve the insurance industry and a harmonious society, and to further enhance the Shenzhen insurance adjuster industry in the country's competitiveness.

March 2014, to meet the professional development needs of the insurance industry under the new situation, China Insurance Association Insurance Assessment Professional Committee was formally established. Insurance Assessor team building before entering a new stage of development. Insurance assessment brings together industry, including finance, insurance, financial, economic, legal and other professional and technical personnel. In recent years, apply for insurance assessment personnel qualification examination every year up to 1 million people. Personnel structure optimized, specialized construction to achieve the speed.

In addition, as technology diversified information technology innovation. Assessors grow and enhance their operations and business development of the strength of the insurance assessment of information technology has been widely studied and applied. China PETN assessors independently developed "auto insurance claims service management system 1.0", "auto insurance survey service fast scheduling platform" and "E Road accompanying projects" were awarded the Shenzhen Financial Innovation Award. Tomonobu of assessors established the National Institute of Insurance and Risk Management first, and to study the risk of introduction of intelligent control system claims.

Insurance brokers and insurance adjuster is an important part of the insurance intermediary industry, is a product of the development of the insurance market. Since the introduction of China's insurance intermediary channels, has experienced ten years of rapid development, has made remarkable achievements in the insurance market sound system, improve the insurance market mechanisms, such as maintenance of the integrity of the insurance market, has played an important role. At the same time, with respect to foreign mature insurance market, China's insurance intermediary industry is still in its early stages of development, insurance intermediaries in the insurance industry to promote innovation, improve service levels and so there is still much room for development.

From "large" to "small but special"

Director of Department of China Insurance Regulatory Commission regulatory agency Lung pointed out in the public assessment of government regulation is not only concerned about the level of the birth, but also with the market development needs arising. Insurance adjuster is a product of the market, with market development should occupy the corresponding position. Assessors development path although difficult, but there is much room for development. With the advance rate reform, affecting the development will bring important intermediary industry. From another perspective, the public agency also estimates the industry's smallest risk areas, because the public does not directly receive the premium valuation, estimates the industry is mainly exposed to the public "adjuster injustice," the problems that affect the survival of the industry environment. Future regulatory compliance management departments will lock the red line, to meet new developments.

Assistant General Manager of China Ping An Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Zhu Yougang believe that the insurance intermediary to promote the insurance industry has played an important role in insurance adjuster insurance companies have started to cooperate with the right track, insurance adjusters are on the path of specialization to health growing up. Future insurance adjuster is also facing some challenges, such as professional valuers public building, public assessment model to the traditional Internet platform conversion and so on. In addition, insurance assessment needs from large and small and specialized transition to better control risk.

Assistant President of China People's Insurance Company Gu Wei pointed out that insurance claims is a fusion of insurance knowledge and technical expertise of various industries, along with economic development and social progress of science and technology, insurance object types are continuously updated technology content continues to increase, claims of professional technical requirements are also increasing. As an insurer, commissioned by the public at the time of assessment, requiring public valuers must not only have expertise in the technical aspects of communication with the insured, but also have good communication skills, coordinate the relationship between the two sides insurance, good customer service and accurately assess the damage unity.

Great Britain Chang'an Insurance Brokers Limited Su Qing, general manager of community believes that the different positions of the participants of the insurance market, as master of asymmetric information, the higher the cost to achieve honesty and trust. Insurance Insurance brokers and insurance assessor as a communication channel between the two sides should take the initiative to maintain the integrity of the system of the insurance market through cooperation conscious. Our insurance brokers and insurance assessor good faith, there are strict requirements of professional ethics, honesty between them easier to build mutual trust and partnership, will become the entry point to build the integrity of the insurance market.

Insurance brokers and adjusters seeking entry point for cooperation

Insurance brokers and insurance adjuster in our country started almost simultaneously, after ten years of rapid growth, but also the achievements and difficulties encountered bottlenecks in development of the industry. Insurance brokers and insurance adjuster cooperation both resource integration, but also the exchange and learn from each other, build a more diverse insurance intermediary market through cooperation, to achieve better value of insurance brokers and insurance assessor, and the insurance industry innovation and development of great significance. In order to better play the main role in the insurance market, insurance brokers and insurance adjuster should further clarify its professional orientation, seeking integration of innovation and the insurance industry and insurance market through exchanges and cooperation between the industry and explore the development of win-win cooperation the way.

Su Qing agency noted that insurance brokers and insurance assessor as to provide professional services organization, we need to have excellent professional knowledge and technical capacity to assist in the claim in two stages before the insured risk assessment and after the occurrence of the insured event from different positions completed by customers. In both objectives, risk management and insurance techniques used there part in common, can complement each other, to play their respective areas of expertise advantage for our customers to provide comprehensive, integrated insurance intermediary services.

Su Qing agency believes that the insurance broker and assessment institutions can take advantage of their strengths, explore the full range of avenues of cooperation from four aspects:

1 shared business resources, dig customer needs. Due to the cooperation of each channel to play advantage to our customers and the public popularity of insurance brokers, insurance assessment service concept. Through the establishment of a relatively stable business partnership to provide customers with more choices of services and improve the efficiency of business development.

2. Enhance their professional capabilities to achieve technological strengths. Insurance brokers and insurance assessor has outstanding expertise in a particular industry or field is the basis for integrated sustainable development, on this basis, insurance brokers and insurance assessor should cooperate with each other to establish technical support and communication platform, the full use of risk management and insurance partner agencies in the areas of expertise in the technical strength to make up for weaknesses in their areas of expertise, the better to provide specialized services to clients across industries.

3 .officers of regional cooperation, expand the market scope of services. Scale and comprehensive strength of China's insurance intermediary stage is relatively weak, unable to influence the insurance brokers and insurance assessor in the first line of contact with a wide range of insurance customers configure services and lay staff, to a certain extent close to the customer, tracking customer service capabilities. Under limited circumstances staffing, insurance brokers and insurance assessment agencies should play better resource efficiency, to establish cooperative relations personnel issues, while providing customers with risk consulting, risk mapping, and other services to help claimants through reasonable delegate and outsource partner agencies with the power to expand the area of customer service, enhance customer service capabilities.

4. Enhance data accumulation, the establishment of information exchange mechanisms. Accumulated business data on insurance brokers and insurance adjuster industry risk research, enhance the professional technology has important significance. Insurance brokers and insurance assessment institutions in strengthening their business data accumulation, data platform construction, should establish an effective mechanism for information exchange between partner organizations to achieve data sharing, enhance business efficiency and comprehensiveness of data resources.

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Insurance adjuster, call different countries around the world, also known as the insurance notary, appraisers, inspectors, etc.. But its essence is an independent third party, using its own professional advantage, to provide professional services for the insurance claims or the insured person. Insurance adjuster is accompanied by the development of the insurance industry generated.

Insurance adjuster originated in 18th century England, more than 80 percent in foreign insurance claims work is done by the insurance adjuster. 1666, London, England fires, building fire insurance claims work complex and specialized insurance assessment bred seeds. In 1961, the British Association for fire insurance adjusters Royal Charter, upgraded to the Chartered Institute estimates.

In the United States, in 1937, founded the Association of Independent Assessors, designed for insurance companies to provide public services estimates; 1951, the Association of Public Insurance Assessor established specifically to provide claims services for the insured.

In China, in 1927, the founder of Shanghai Yi people in the notary, is the prototype of China's national insurance assessment industry. In 1946, Shanghai Business School, First National Insurance system and the creation of "public assessment study" compulsory courses, and the highest six-credit courses. (Note: The above is not red for subtitles plus animation dubbing) in 1979, China resumed the closure of more than 20 years of domestic insurance business, Chinese insurance assessment industry has entered a new stage of development.

In today's world, no matter is the United States, Canada, China, represented by strict government regulation of the insurance adjuster industry, or in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, represented by "self-discipline" or "professional Convention "way to implement control of industry self-insurance assessment industry, both in the insurance market acts as an indispensable part of the insurance industry to fully play a perfect division of labor, improve the quality and efficiency of insurance services, as well as the maintenance of both legitimate Insurance active role in equity. ("China Insurance News," June 25, 2014, reporter Peace Reporting)


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