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Insurance survey industry can reach into each corner of the society


Recently, the Insurance Assessors an industry self-regulatory organization - China Insurance Association of Insurance Appraisal Committee was formally established to provide a communication platform for the industry increasingly active insurance adjuster industry. Reporters recently interviewed insurance assessment committee chairman - people PETN insurance adjuster Group chairman Minh. He noted that the insurance adjuster has exceeded the mere insurance industries, can go deep into every corner of society.

Assessors do not match the industry and market development

"China Insurance News": China Insurance industry is currently estimated overall development status?

Minh: China's insurance adjuster industry, since 2001 China Insurance Regulatory Commission approval to start the first batch of licenses, has gone through 14 years, and began to enter full of vigor and vitality of the transformation and upgrading period. Under the guidance and promotion of regulatory policy, the insurance adjuster industry from scratch, from small to large, never been widely recognized by the deep involvement of insurance services, and now more than 320 institutions, ultra 1.8 billion yuan of scale, has become China's insurance an important integral part of the market is to promote the process of China's insurance market deepening effectives. However, the industry experienced only 14 years of growth, from the promotion of insurance consumer welfare services in the overall development of the insurance industry is still lagging behind the requirements, the ability to service the insurance industry chain division to be further improved.

"China Insurance News": the amount of nuclear damage insurance assessment about how much?

Minh: 2013 Assessors nuclear damage estimated amount of about 30 billion yuan over the same period the total expenditure 343.9 billion yuan Indemnity Insurance, Insurance Underwriting supply rate of about 9%. Early estimates of public sector rapid development in recent years, the market is slow to rebound from the landslide state in 2009 to 2013 the average annual revenue growth of 12.82%, well below the 18 percent growth in property insurance premium income over the same period, the insurance adjuster services industry The overall supply capacity remains low. Institutional strength "Matthew Effect" Obviously, the top ten revenue, market share exceeds 60%, the formation of oligopolistic markets, accounting for a quarter of total revenue agencies do not, most of the resources in inefficient state.

"China Insurance News": the size of the gap with foreign public assessment of how much the market?

Minh: Compared with other countries, does not match the development status of China's insurance industry and the insurance adjuster industry. At present, China has become the world's fourth largest insurance market, and is expected to surpass Britain to become the third largest insurance market. However, the development and the development of the insurance intermediary industry as a whole there is a big gap between the amount set loss from claims of view, 80% of the developed countries to assess the damage is done by the insurance assessment agencies, and this proportion is less than 10% domestic.

Industrial chain capabilities should be improved

"China Insurance News": the development of public sector estimate what issues facing our country?

Minh: In contrast, the main public sector estimates of the weak, vicious competition still exists irregularities affecting the overall development of the industry. In this situation, the insurance adjuster professional discipline committee established rights department, the main idea is to promote integrity, warning against illegal acts and penalties, maintaining the overall image of the adjuster industry. Future, insurance assessment committee will be responsible for the professional market behavior constraints insurance assessment institutions with the industry to avoid vicious competition. Meanwhile, the division will be set up insurance assessment grading system, through the establishment of uniform standards to increase mutual trust between enterprises, improve the quality of employees, reduce liquidity costs of employees, promote healthy flow of industry professionals.

"China Insurance News": how to look professional development adjuster market?

Minh: the existence of insurance assessment is too low degree of specialization market development, the inherent requirements of the insurance market and the professional development of the industry in the direction of international development are incompatible. Improve the quality of future development of the industry, a necessary requirement to improve the professional level. Professional services industry need to be addressed to enhance the high degree of homogeneity of the problem, thus solving the survival and development of small and medium Assessors problem. Professional promotion, the needs of the public guessing enterprise specialized build the core competitiveness segments, according to the kind of the insurance object, market conditions and the insured industry characteristics, combined with their professional and technical advantages, focusing on certain areas of intervention, in fine the sub-market seeking differentiation, specialization and innovation, establish their core competitive advantages, enhance brand competitiveness and market influence, the formation of scale.

"China Insurance News": how to promote the internationalization of Assessors enterprises?

Minh: Chinese public assessment of international, international business needs requires industry associations to international thinking and vision, to create some external conditions, to help with the promotion of international public assessment of enterprises. Need to go out, bringing in, strengthen international cooperation and exchanges, and strengthen information, personnel, international capital flows, international mobile marketing services. Need to learn international rules, applicable international standards, familiar with international practices, cultivate international talents and international competitiveness, the estimated contribution of international brand Chinese public companies.

There is a disaster where there adjuster

"China Insurance News": Please talk about the opportunities and challenges facing the insurance adjuster industry.

Minh: From the national industrial structure adjustment perspective, the current rise of the service sector is more and more influenced by national attention. Implement the transformation and upgrading of the insurance industry as a whole, the current insurance industry as a whole institution number, size and market forces have been strongly improved, it also gives the public the estimated industry provides new space for development, the traditional public guessing how to meet the industry faces issue new insurance needs.

"China Insurance News": Please be more specific about the future direction of the insurance adjuster industry?

Minh: In the process of economic development, the market for insurance products with the new requirements, such as employer's liability insurance, environmental pollution liability insurance and other new types of insurance are endless, to the public sector is also estimated to bring new development needs. In addition, from the perspective of social management, insurance adjuster industry deep into every corner of society, not just the physical realm. Deflagration event such as occurred in the Yellow Sea before, Hynix Wuxi factory fire events, related to the large safe, high risk events, we need insurance adjuster industry involvement.

Therefore, the insurance adjuster has broken through the areas of the insurance industry alone, deep into every corner of society. Only adapt to social development, insurance adjuster industry in order to have a better future, space adjuster enterprise development also here.

Enhance the industry specialization

"China Insurance News": how our members qualify for insurance assessor manage?

Minh: Currently, insurance assessment teacher qualifications certified by the Insurance Association of accreditation pass the exam. Through a unified qualification, to avoid different enterprises of different professional levels of talent identification, to avoid duplication of examination, qualification interlinked by blending mode to enhance the overall quality of the industry practitioners.

"China Insurance News": How to build a systematic assessment of public sector education and training system?

Minh: "Work Rules of Professional Committee of Assessors' requirements:" Building Assessors industry education and training system, to carry out the management and training of employees eligible for certification management. "In a mature foreign insurance market, insurance adjuster Institute, Insurance Brokers Association are the establishment of a relevant professional qualification management system, to enhance the industry become an important mechanism for the professional level and the carrier. Our insurance adjuster professional training mechanism, establish a professional qualification management system, can learn from South Korea and Japan-related experience. First, the basic qualifications on the basis of a statutory examination, additional professional employees classification examinations, such as property damage insurance assessment, engineering insurance assessment, liability insurance assessment, marine insurance adjuster, motor vehicle insurance assessment, etc.; Second Base additional professional examination grading standards. The general idea is: the establishment of certification and management by industry associations, insurance companies, insurance assessment institutions and experts participation in formulating the continued certification standards, certification procedures and follow-up management systems of education and training institutions. Employees continue to implement the educational system, the establishment of market-oriented, hierarchical insurance adjuster continuing education and training practitioners network system, promote social training, specialization and standardization.

"China Insurance News": how to improve service quality and efficiency of the insurance adjuster industry?

Minh: improve service quality and efficiency of insurance adjuster industry, the microscopic point of view, the need to grow the size of the enterprise sector, the industry needs to gather strength, improve microeconomic foundation; macro point of view, the need to integrate to bring the scale of growth, to address efficiency and effectiveness. Only through resource integration, integration of industrial chain of the industry, in order to promote the level of insurance assessment business, economic, market share, improved social status.


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