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The State Council releases National New 5 Instructions for the development of insurance industry


To deepen the reform of the insurance market, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the insurance intermediary market, China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently decided to start the insurance intermediary market rectification work (hereinafter referred to as "rectification work") in the country. China Insurance Regulatory Commission Chairman Xiang Junbo required to straighten out the whole industry to work as a top priority this year, earnestly realistically achieve tangible results, and lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive deepening of reform and the insurance industry to achieve sound and rapid development.

China's insurance intermediary has become an important integral part of the insurance market. As of the end of 2013, there were more than 2,500 professional insurance agency, insurance agency and industry 20 million homes, insurance salesmen over 300 million people. Overall, China's insurance intermediary development time is short, obvious characteristics of the initial stage, some deep-seated problems and contradictions have not been effectively resolved. The rectification work to set up short-term objectives and long-term goals. By focusing on short-term goal is to remediation, investigation and resolve potential risks, efforts to solve outstanding problems currently exist in the insurance intermediary market, effectively purify the market environment, significant improvement in order to make the market in the short term; long-term goal is to deepen reform, promote innovation, science Shun the insurance intermediary market institutional mechanisms to promote the formation of a scientific and reasonable market system, open and transparent market rules, norms and orderly competition, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the insurance intermediary industry. Rectification work to grasp the good principle is to regulate the market and promote the development of combined support for reform and stability combine to encourage innovation and risk prevention by combining top-level design combine with the primary pilot, unified deployment and implementation of a combination of step focus on remediation and long-term mechanisms.

The rectification work is divided into five stages. The first stage is to find out the base. The forces against the insurance intermediary market over a broad area, the situation is complicated features, organizational regulatory authorities, insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, industry organizations, a comprehensive diagnostic census insurance intermediary market, institutional development, personnel, operations, system construction, potential risks, etc., to grasp the overall situation of the insurance intermediary market, the basic characteristics and the main problem. The second stage is to rectify the order. For outstanding problems of the insurance intermediary market order and risk, etc., thoroughly combine the census of concentration and control, clean up false titular insurance sales professionals against the insurance agency to disrupt the market order, against the interests of insurance consumers, insurance companies use to investigate Insurance agency fees and other acts of unlawful taking of illegal organizations and personnel in accordance with law to clean up a number of penalties batch, standardized batch. The third stage is to deepen reform. For deep-seated contradictions accumulated insurance intermediary market, according to the institutional mechanisms more smoothly, the legal relationship clearer, higher efficiency, greater service capacity requirements, clarify the reform ideas, promote market innovation. Market-driven, accelerate the improvement of the insurance intermediary market system, industry self-regulation system; From the organizational structure, incentives, and other aspects of daily management, insurance marketing and steadily push forward reform; perfect insurance agency system, strengthen management and control liability insurance company; sound professional insurance intermediaries access to exit management, strengthen corporate governance and internal control; strengthen information technology to improve the efficiency of supervision. The fourth stage is establish a new system. Line after the first emergency relief, after the difficult easy first principle, improve and perfect the system of insurance intermediaries, timely management rules and regulations to repeal reform legislation, will straighten out the results for the curing system, the formation of long-term mechanism. The fifth stage is a summary improved. For the completion of the work of the previous four stages, organized "look back", informed, sum up experience, you may say, studies continue to further promote the development of further initiatives to reform. The revamp of all the tasks required to complete before the end of March 2015.

To strengthen the organization and leadership, China Insurance Regulatory Commission set up the insurance intermediary market rectification work leading group, responsible for co-ordinating the deployment and supervise the implementation, policy research, coordination on major issues such as work, headed by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Wong Hung members include China Insurance Regulatory authorities 8 person primarily responsible for the relevant departments.


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