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White Paper of China Insurance Social Responsibility officially released


July 8, China Insurance Regulatory Commission held in 2014 "7 • 8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day" activities, CIRC Chairman Xiang Junbo, Li Yang, vice president of the Chinese Academy attended the event and delivered a speech. This year's Awareness Day activities around the "boundless love line responsibility," the annual campaign theme, through interactive network, white papers published, historical exhibitions, experiential activities, college students and other forms of insurance lines vividly demonstrated the insurance industry and the economic and social life in close contact, spread the history and culture of insurance, insurance concepts and knowledge, to show the Chinese insurance industry to fulfill their social responsibility work.

China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the first day, "White Paper on China's insurance industry Social Responsibility" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper"). "White Paper" 16 mo​​, more than 20,000 words, points "on your side", "heart voice of the people", "responsibility system in the world", "feelings of charity" and "hand in the future," five chapters, with detailed data and a wealth of stories, in-depth interpretation of the insurance industry to fulfill social responsibility, and the next 10-20 years, the insurance industry was expected. Insurance Association of China held a "Chinese college students insurance line" flag presentation ceremony, representatives of 18 universities college students nationwide 40 million college issued a "propaganda insurance, dissemination insurance" initiative. Insurance Institute of China organized a "responsibility and dreams" as the theme of China's insurance history and culture exhibition, the museum opened the Insurance historical figures. Meanwhile, across the country to carry out various forms of insurance experience activities.

For the majority of Internet users are also able to participate in promotional activities to date, beginning from June 12, China Insurance Regulatory Commission through the Internet information technology, the use of official microblogging micro-news letter @ OCI conducted a series of online interactive activities. Among them, the "word tract responsibility" campaign received a total of 2877 users reply to stimulate the public's thinking on the "responsibility" of the problem. "My responsibility expression" solicitation to participate in a total of 48,000 users, users who have tell the story between himself and the insurance through the microblogging, resonate.

July 8 the same day, China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Zhou Yanli, Chen experts right Discipline Committee, vice-chairman Wang Zuji, Wong Hung, assistant chairman Liang Tao, the Ministry of Education, the leadership of the central group, 8 research institutions, the news media leaders and reporters, the department heads CIRC organs, China Insurance Association, Insurance Institute of China, Ltd., China Insurance IT Limited on behalf of other Chinese insurance guarantee fund and major insurance companies of more than 200 people attended the event.


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