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Serial activities of July 8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day of 2014 launched


July 8, 2014, China Insurance Regulatory Commission during the "7 • 8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day" campaign released its first "White Paper on China's insurance industry Social Responsibility" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper") to the public.

"White Paper" into your side, heart voice of the people, responsible for the Department of the world, feelings of charity and hand the next five sections. Fully embodies the construction of social security system, improve social governance, sound economic compensation mechanism, service and other aspects of national economic transformation in the role, especially in agricultural insurance, catastrophe insurance, liability insurance and serious illness insurance recent developments in the insurance industry and major achievements in the form of illustrated introduction to production and life insurance relationships with people, showing the insurance industry with its own characteristics and the actual development, earnestly fulfill their social responsibility, strive for economic, social and environmental values ​​to maximize the work done.

"White Paper" Insurance owners concerned about moving to participate in public welfare undertakings, a positive contribution in terms of disaster relief, education, student, retirement health care, helping orphans and disabled, low-carbon environmental protection, critical illness studies made​​, as well as the insurance industry specifically designed for vulnerable groups nonprofit insurance products, the full integration of the idea of ​​public service, concern for the problems many people provides an effective way to resolve reflects the insurance industry for many years actively involved in and support social welfare, the pursuit of economic and social benefits and win-win industry liability values .

Using conventional sampling methods and the latest big data technology "white paper" The combination of the first in the insurance industry launched a nationwide social responsibility and needs assessment survey, a number of large data mining insurance covering pension insurance, agricultural insurance, liability insurance, in-depth understanding Insurance public awareness of social responsibility, attitudes and expectations, as well as regional, trends types of enterprises and public attention on insurance.

"White Paper" issued both to demonstrate the performance of the insurance industry practice of social responsibility achievements, improve the whole society's attention on insurance, and promote all levels of government, enterprises and institutions, the public, the use of economic development and social insurance management to run the risk, meet the needs of education, health care, pension and other aspects, but also to listen to the government, society, business and the general perception of the people to fulfill their social responsibility to the insurance industry, in order to further improve the insurance industry to fulfill their social responsibility to find the focal point of efforts to improve the industry's awareness of social responsibility, to better serve the national strategy and people look forward to.


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