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CIRC promotes the activities of Market Rectification for Insurance Intermediaries


July 10, 2014, China Insurance Regulatory Commission held an enlarged meeting of party committees, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the 54th executive meeting of the State Council, the party secretary of China Insurance Regulatory Commission Chairman Xiang Junbo presided over the meeting. Xiang Junbo pointed out that the 54th executive meeting of the State Council approved the "State Council on accelerating the development of modern insurance services" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), which is a major event in the history of the development of China's insurance industry, to to implement the State Council executive meeting as an opportunity to create new situations in the insurance industry.

Xiang Junbo pointed to deeply understand the State Council promulgated the "Opinions" of great significance. To deeply understand the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, one of the insurance industry's high expectations. CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of modern insurance services, the party's 18, eighteen Third Plenary Session of the work done on the insurance are important expositions. "Opinions" is to implement a centralized social and economic development an important measure of the overall strategy, development and meet the requirements of a modern economy and society of modern insurance services, to better serve economic development, social progress, human security and social governance. Second, we must deeply understand the historical responsibility of the insurance industry, economic and social services globally. Development of the time accelerating the development of modern insurance services, insurance bear the greater responsibility in economic and social development, every insurance practitioners should have this historical responsibility. Third, we must deeply understand the strategic opportunities for the insurance industry reform and development. Enhance and optimize the whole social security conscious policy environment for the development of the insurance industry provides a rare strategic opportunity. "Opinions" is the biggest dividend policy reform and development of the insurance industry, to effectively make full use of the policy, with a good, solid.

Xiang Junbo stressed the need to fully understand the 54th executive meeting of the State Council to accelerate the deployment of the development of modern service industry working spirit and essence of insurance. First, clear positioning modern insurance services in the global economic and social development. Insurance is the basic means of modern economy and an important industrial risk management, social civilization and progress, an important indicator of the degree of economic development, social and governance capabilities. In China's industrial structure upgrading, market positioning to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the background, the insurance industry has distinctive characteristics of the times. The second is the development direction of modern insurance services. State Council executive meeting based on the overall economic and social development, a comprehensive analysis of the situation faced by the insurance industry, the development of modern economic and social work of insurance services on the overall layout of the overall consideration. Building competitive, creative and vibrant modern insurance services, so that the power of modern insurance services become a pillar of a sound financial system, strong support for improving livelihood security, and effective mechanisms for social management innovation, promote economic growth and quality and efficiency upgrades and the transformation of government functions important starting point. Third, the proposed development of a new concept of modern insurance services. "Opinions" clear, on the commercial operation of the insurance business, to create a fair competitive market environment, market allocation of resources to play a decisive role; insurance business with social welfare, people's livelihood, to create a low-cost policy environment, give the necessary support; quality and efficiency of the service economy has upgraded prospective, current weak foundation insurance business, to give better play to the guiding role of government in innovation, pilot, promotion and other aspects. This is the market allocation of resources to play a decisive role, better play the role of government embodied in the insurance industry. Four is clearly ambitious targets modern insurance services development. "Opinions" clear, in 2020, established to protect the basic comprehensive, functional, safe and sound, good faith standard, with a strong service capabilities, innovation and international competitiveness of China's economic and social development to adapt to the needs of modern insurance services efforts to shift from a Major Insurance Insurance powerhouse. Insurance become the basic means for the government, businesses, residents risk management and wealth management, and raise the level and quality become an important channel to become an effective tool for the government to improve public services and strengthen social management. Fifth, the development of modern insurance services proposed strategic initiatives. State Council executive meeting pointed out the need to promote safety and security closely together, the commercial insurance into an important pillar of the social security system, the insured accident prevention in disaster relief system, promote industrial upgrading through insurance, the use of innovative public services, insurance mechanisms, deepen the reform of the insurance industry opening. Implementation of these strategic initiatives, will further promote the healthy development of the insurance industry continued. Six is ​​clearly the construction and development of modern service industry to support the insurance policy.

Xiang Junbo pointed out that the insurance regulatory system should study and implement the State Council executive meeting and the 'views' spirit as a key task of the current and future periods and, in a prominent position, carefully organized and implemented. Should study and publicize the "Opinions" and to study and implement the party's 18 series of mental and general secretary Xi Jinping important speech combined with the insurance industry to resolve outstanding problems encountered in the development process to combine learning and strive to consistently achieve tangible results. To develop as soon as possible to implement the 'views' of the overall program of work, the work schedule, the responsibility to implement down, increase policy coordination, strengthen supervision inspection, to ensure the spirit of the State Council put in place.


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