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Shenzhen Government funds CNY36,000,000 to purchase catastrophic insurance


Premier Li Keqiang July 9 chaired a State Council executive meeting, the deployment of accelerating the development of modern insurance services to become one of the important issues.

The meeting proposed five views of the insurance industry, including the commercial insurance into an important pillar of the social security system, the insured accident prevention in disaster relief system, the establishment of a multi-level system of catastrophe risk, promote industrial upgrading through insurance, the use of insurance mechanism innovative public services, accelerate the construction of modern insurance enterprise system.

Industry experts believe that in 2006 the State Council has issued "Opinions on the Reform and Development of the insurance industry" (made ​​ten views of the insurance industry, the insurance industry as "ten"), the full deployment of the State Council to accelerate the development of modern insurance services in the "ten" issued on the occasion of 8 years, again with "top-level design" form, attention and promote the development of China's insurance industry is of great significance and far-reaching.

The meeting noted that the insurance industry is the focus of the development of modern service industry, with great potential. Accelerate the development of modern insurance services to help companies and people management and hedging risks in life, enhanced security, inspire the community to create entrepreneurial drive, help increase employment and promote economic structural optimization, promote social management innovation, and can serve multiple purposes.

Meeting stressed the need to reform as a driving force, focused, coordinated linkage, accelerate the development of modern insurance services. One is to promote safety and security closely together, the commercial insurance into an important pillar of the social security system. Support qualified enterprises to establish commercial pension health insurance plans. Support qualified insurance institutions to invest in line with the pension industry, participate in the integration of health services, encourage the development of a variety of medical, sickness insurance and other products.

Second, the insurance into the disaster relief system for accident prevention. Under the gradual establishment of financial support to the commercial insurance as a platform, multi-level risk sharing for the protection of catastrophe insurance system. Actively develop the property, engineering, casualty and other insurance.

The third is to promote industrial upgrading through insurance. Insurance innovation support and benefit agriculture, support the insurance agencies provide moderate protection, low premiums, policy popular "three rural" insurance products. Insurance funds are encouraged to take a variety of ways to support the new urbanization, major infrastructure construction and transformation of shanty areas, support for long-term stable development of the stock, bond markets. Improve technology insurance system, the development of small and micro business credit insurance and personal loan guarantee insurance. To develop export credit, overseas investment insurance.

Fourth, the use of insurance mechanism innovation in public services. Actively explore the commercial insurance agencies to promote social insurance services. Environmental pollution, food safety, medical liability and is closely related to the public interest as the focus, to carry out the mandatory liability insurance pilot. Encourage the development of emerging security and insurance business.

Fifth, deepen reform and opening up the insurance industry. Accelerate the construction of modern insurance enterprise system, promote the reform of the insurance market entry exit mechanism. The introduction of foreign advanced experience and technology of insurance, efforts to expand exports of insurance services, to improve the level of opening up the insurance industry. Accelerate the development of reinsurance and intermediary market. Strengthen credit information infrastructure. Strengthen supervision and standardize operations. Enhance the awareness of the whole social insurance. With high-quality, rich insurance products and services, boost economic development and help improve people's livelihood.


Public Security Bureau for the record: Beijing public security by No. 110401500039